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Tradition, fresh ideas
and the extraordinary

What can we do for you?
We made it to our business to manufacture custom-made passementerie.
Are you looking for an extraordinary tie back or a sophisticated braid?
We look forward to helping you!

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Who are your passementerie-crafters?

Imma Pichierri has more than 30 years of experience in the field of passementerie and an in-depth knowledge of all the different production techniques. She is an expert in weaving, spinning, twisting and much more. Her greatest passion are colours: out of a selection of hundreds of yarns she will find the perfect individual match for our customers and create tie backs and braids in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Evelyn Moser-Gloor, a teacher by training, decided five years ago to follow her passion for interior design and enrolled at the renowned Swiss Textile College in Zurich where she subsequently obtained her degree as Textile Business Manager. Over the past three years she was able to gain extensive experience in the passementerie business, including an intimate knowledge of original passementerie techniques. Evelyn is now looking forward to working closely with customers to offer tailor-made solutions to their specific individual needs and to realise their creative ideas.

Passementerie Herma Partner AG: Imma Pichierri
Passementerie Herma Partner AG: Evelyn Moser-Gloor
Passementerie Herma Partner AG: Imma Pichierri & Evelyn Moser-Gloor


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