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Relocating Posamenterie Herma Partner AG

In December, Passementerie Herma Partner AG has moved from Adliswil to Lenzburg.
Without an enormous support, it would not have been possible.
Many thanks to all hands:

Andreas von Bopp AG Angelo Anna Christian Daniela Elsbeth Enzo Erika Fabio Federico Gerardina Giovanni L. Giovanni V. Guido von Bopp AG Heinz von Bopp AG Herr auf der Maur von Bopp AG Hüseyin von Bopp AG Maddalena Marco Martin Mustafa Peter G. Peter W. Pino Rocco Rosa Ruedi Ruggero Samuel Serena Stephanie Stéphanie Toni Trudi

50 Jahre Posamenterie Herma Partner 1966–2016